The purpose of this policy is to provide safe childcare to all Fellowship Groups while respecting both the cost to group members and the fair compensation of childcare providers.


Pay Babysitters Directly

Childcare providers must be paid directly by the person(s) organizing childcare at the approved rate of $10 per hour for up to 2 hours for regular Fellowship Group meetings. The organizers will notify the church’s Accountant (Lynn Davis), who will then reimburse the organizers for some or all of that money.  Childcare workers are not paid directly by NSF.

Donations for Group Childcare

To offset the cost to the church for childcare, there is an optional donation of $5 per group member (or couple) per meeting who are using group childcare. Additional donations are encouraged for group members with more than one child who consistently need childcare services. Specific donation amounts are at the discretion of each member. No member is required to contribute. Members not using childcare need not contribute.


Childcare Ratio

There must be 1 adult childcare provider for every 5 children under their care.

Background Checks

It is highly recommended that groups use only childcare providers who have been pre-approved by a trusted organization that requires both references and background checks. All NSF nursery and children’s volunteers and paid-staff are pre-approved in this manner.