We are glad that you are thinking about joining North Shore Fellowship.

To become a member of NSF, or to understand more about what we believe, we ask that you take our membership class. The class is the first of 4 steps to becoming a member.

1. Take the Class

The class is for anyone wanting to know more about NSF, and there is no obligation to join afterwards. It is offered twice a year (Fall and Spring).  If you do want to join, we request you attend all sessions if possible. We ask that you sign up for the class, so that we can have the right amount of materials available.

Sign Up Here

2. Fill Out an Information Sheet

This is your way of letting us know you have decided you want to join. We give these sheets out during the class. 

3. Talk with an Elder or Pastor

After the class, an Elder or Pastor will reach out to you to see when a good time is to do an informal interview and answer any questions you may have from the class. 

4. Join in a Worship Service by Taking Membership Vows


We will meet at 105 Frazier, at 9:00 a.m.

September 8
September 15
September 22
September 29
-off on October 6 –
October 13

Commonly Asked Questions

I have been a member of a PCA church before, do I need to take the membership class?

Yes, we ask that all people wanting to join North Shore Fellowship attend our membership class.

Do I need to attend every week of the class?

Yes, the class is a series of several sessions that build each week. However, we understand that everyone has busy schedules and may have to miss one of the sessions due to scheduling conflicts. Just let us know when you sign up if you are unavailable for any of the dates.

My child is ready to join and take communion – who do I talk to about that?

If your child is younger than 5th grade, you can reach out to Chris Powell (chris@nsfellowship.org) to talk through the communicant process. If your child is in 5th grade or older, they will go through the communicant class material in Sunday School, and you can talk with Laney Stayton about joining dates.