NSF Children's Ministry longs to be a place where our covenant children know that they belong.

We minister with the long-view in mind, with the hope that our children would grow in their knowledge of God's word and who He is.


Sunday School for Pre-K (4) to 5th graders meets weekly at 9:45 AM. We are using The Biggest Story Bible Storybook Curriculum. Pre-K through 4th graders began in Genesis and are working their way through the Pentatuch this year. 5th graders started with Acts. 


Children’s Worship is offered during the 8:30 AM service for Pre-K to 1st grade. Children are invited to the foyer at the beginning of the welcome to go together to Children’s Worship. They return to the foyer after the sermon for pick-up.


The Biggest Story leads readers on an exciting journey through the Bible, from the garden of Eden to the return of Christ. This fun curriculum based on the book draws kids into Scripture and helps them grasp its overarching message of redemption.


Our hope is that our children will learn what it looks like to love Jesus as adults by watching the adults who are serving in our Children’s Ministry. We are always looking for volunteers, from somebody to check-in children to teachers in classrooms. If you have interest in volunteering, please email


Mary Elizabeth Burton (right), Director of Children's Ministry, and Jenn Sanders (left), Assistant Director of Children's Ministry, would love to connect your family to the Children's Ministry program at NSF. Please feel free to email them to learn more: &