We believe that each of us have unique designs and purposes that all contribute to the church body. Below are ways to serve locally, globally, or at North Shore Fellowship. 


Part of the church’s mission is to seek justice, do mercy, and participate in King Jesus’ work of renewing all things by His Spirit, through His people. Below are the local ministries we support. If you want to get connected with any of these ministries, you can reach out to them directly, or email


If you would like to receive information about these missionaries, and work they are doing across the globe, please click to email us here. Some of their work cannot be shared online.

In 2020 we will have a short term mission trip to work with the Petrou family in Greece. If you are interested in going, email

Josephine & Chris Hatch work with a church plant in London, England. 

Joel & Stephanie Swanson are church planting in Paris, France. 

Alex & Shannon Deuscher are church planting in Berlin, Germany.

Dina & Argyris Petrou live and work in Greece. Argyris is training the next generation of ministers, and Dina is serving as director of a Christian safe house for women, and a recovery program for victims of sex trafficking.

In the Fall of 2020, we will take a trip to work with the Petrou’s for a week. If you are interested in going, email for more details. 

The Gregory family is church planting in California.

Jarett is working with Mission to the World, while attending seminary at RTS Orlando, and Mary Carole is working with Third Mill.

Mike & Robin McMahan are helping offer support for church planters in Zimbabwe.

At Church

130 is the average number of people who volunteer per-Sunday at NSF. That means there are lots of different roles you can play, and we want you to serve where you are able to best use your gifts. Whether you have one hour, once a year, or want to help every week, there are ways to get involved. Feel free to read descriptions of roles below, and contact the people in the areas that you are interested in serving with.

Every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. we meet together in the Fellowship Hall to pray for our church, our city, and our missionaries. You are welcome to come anytime!

Sunday School Teacher 

Sunday School teachers are assigned to one class for one semester, and they are paired up with a co-teacher.  Teachers can be spouses, friends, roommates, etc. All lessons plans and materials are prepared for you and ready in the classrooms each Sunday.

Sunday School Helper

Sunday School helpers are paired up with 2 teachers in a classroom, and assist in activities and classroom management.  This commitment is 4 Weeks On, 8 Weeks Off.

Nursery Volunteer

Once Every 6 Weeks

Nursery volunteers can choose which age group (0-3) and service they would like to volunteer in. This commitment is once every 6 weeks, for one hour.

Nursery Paid Position

Ages 0-3

Every Other Week

Nursery workers choose which age group they would most like to serve (0-3), and serve in that age group every other week.  This position is paid.

If you have a love for making food, we have lots of opportunities from helping bake communion bread, to helping provide for the men’s monthly breakfast. 

Email if you are interested in making food for any upcoming events.

This team comes 15 minutes before worship begins, to help welcome people to the service and give the bulletins to anyone that wants one. Two people serve in this role per service, so you can pick a friend or family member to join you.

Email if you are interested in serving in this way.