A Brief Summary

 We are planning to offer:
  • Nursery for ages 0-3 without masks in April
  • At least 1 indoor service masks-optional in May
  • All services masks-optional in June

We are optimistic about these plans because cases in Hamilton County continue to stay low, everyone 16+ will be eligible for vaccines starting April 5th, and many in our congregation in particular have partial immunity either because of infection or vaccination.

We are not, however, rushing back to normal without continuing to listen to our local medical professionals, especially the Christian medical experts in our body.  The set of guidelines that most clearly represents most of those professionals is still the CDC.  But, we are primarily trusting those experts, not the CDC.

We also plan to offer some additional worshipful and fun experiences for the NSF family on Sunday nights in June… NSF Family Fun Nights.  These are partially an answer to us not doing VBS this year.  These are oriented towards families with children.  But, they are open to all, especially if you like kid’s worship, skits, and playing in the park.

Those are the informational highlights.  Thank you to those who gave us questions.  You can watch the entire discussion with the button below.to