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AUGUST 25th at 5 pm

Nursery for ages 0-3 provided

What is Pray for Me?

The Pray for Me Campaign connects middle and high school students with adults from all generations that are committed to praying for them throughout the school year. This campaign is always a great start to the school year, as our students & parents see hundreds of adults commit to prayer for them specifically. Pray for Me begins with a “launch” where the students get paired up with their team of adults, have a group photo taken, and finally eat meal together.

Who can participate?

We encourage all adults (18+) to consider praying for a student this year and participating in the campaign launch on August 25th at 5 pm.

Adults can sign up ahead of time here, and check in that evening in the foyer.  Thank you to the nearly 200 adults who prayed for a student last year!

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