The Pulpit Committee nominates Jason Hood for Senior Pastor of North Shore Fellowship

This Sunday, February 28th, the¬†Pulpit Committee¬†will share in our worship services¬†some of their work and thinking that led to their nomination. This nomination comes as a product of months of prayer, research, and long meetings.¬† So, please make plans to either attend worship in-person or to join online on 2/28 to hear from them, as well as from the Session and other pastors, who are all excited about Jason’s nomination.¬†¬†If you have any questions after the meeting, please submit them by emailing¬†
Next Sunday, March 7th, the congregation will vote to elect a¬†Senior Pastor.¬† We will formally announce the details of that congregational meeting when we figure out the best way to hold that meeting, given weather and safety concerns.¬† Please join us in¬†prayer as we seek God’s guidance in choosing a pastor.

Pastoral Search Process

Step 1: Forming the Pulpit Committee

The congregation nominated over 100 members as potential Pulpit Committee members.  The Session narrowed that down to 9 members.  

The congregation then voted to install as our Pulpit Committee.

Step 2: The Pulpit Committee's Work

The Pulpit Committee completed their work of searching & screening potential candidates.  

Their work culminates in their nomination of Jason Hood as Senior Pastor.

Step 3: Voting on Jason

On March 7th, we will vote as a congregation to elect Jason Hood to be the Senior Pastor of NSF.

If we vote, “yes,” then our Presbytery (local gathering of elders) will also vote.


Step 4: Installing Jason

If both groups vote, “yes,” we will hold a special service to install Jason as our next Senior Pastor.