Mosaic Fellowship Update
January 2021

Mosaic Fellowship lives!
2020 was a year defined world wide by a pandemic, yet for my family, and the people of Mosaic Fellowship, it was the year that a dream became a reality. At the beginning of 2020, my family was walking alone as we carried a vision for a new church plant in Chattanooga. At the end of 2020, Mosaic Fellowship had members and a weekly rhythm of worship. So many people experienced isolation in 2020, but this was a year that many families found a beautiful community within Mosaic Fellowship. Planting a church in the middle of a pandemic is not easy, but in God’s providence, it afforded us the opportunity to go deep in relationship with our people, setting the DNA of our new church, forever shaping its identity.
Members – On December 6, 2020, Mosaic Fellowship had its first worship service and received her first members! We are officially a church with over 50 communing and covenant members and growing!

Get a glimpse of our first worship service. After our members took their vows, we created a mosaic with broken pieces of tile. We bring this mosaic into worship each week as a reminder of who we are.

Christmas Eve Service – On December 24, we had our 1st Annual Christmas Eve Service. As with everything at Mosaic, this was designed to be an opportunity for our members to grow, and an opportunity for our unbelieving neighbors to feel like they belong, even before they believe. We hosted this as a time of worship filled with hymns and readings at the local soccer fields and offered hot cocoa under the heat lamps. This was such a beautiful evening and was well attended despite the extremely cold night. Multiple families attended this as their first experience with Mosaic, and have now joined us in regular worship!
Worship Leader – I’m so pleased to announce that we have hired a part time worship leader. Josh Huff and his family became members of Mosaic Fellowship in December, and he has been leading us in worship for the last few months. He is a very talented musician, and has been well received by our congregation. We are so thankful for the Lord bringing the Huff family to Mosaic!
Worship – On January 3, 2021, Mosaic Fellowship started having weekly worship services! For the last several months, we have been having weekly meetings where we have been developing and building the ministry teams necessary to have weekly worship. We have now turned a corner and are worshiping together each Sunday @ 4:30pm. You may join us for worship on our YouTube channel here.
Public Launch – While we do have weekly worship and have had many visitors, we have not really launched publicly yet. We are not trying to keep Mosaic Fellowship a secret, however, we are very limited by the space available to us. We are hoping to have a more public launch on Easter Sunday.
Finances – While we are growing in our internal giving, Mosaic Fellowship is still highly dependent on outside giving. In 2021, we are projecting that 70% of our annual budget will still be coming from outside gifts. Please continue to give to Mosaic Fellowship! You may now give tax deductible gifts through our Venmo Account: @Mosaic-Fellowship. The first time you give to @Mosaic-Fellowship, you may be prompted for a 4-digit code to verify accounts. Our code is: 5910.
Prayer Requests
Worship Space – We are praying that the Lord would provide us with access to a sanctuary in our neighborhood that is not being used. The provision of this can’t come soon enough. Until we have access to this space, or a comparable space, we are unable to broadly invite our neighbors to join us for worship.
Thank you for your prayer and support. Please continue to pray that the Lord would bless Mosaic Fellowship! 
The completed mosaic we started at our first worship service