Nursery Coordinator (2)

North Shore Fellowship



Part Time

12-20 hours per week


Provides a safe and nurturing environment for our youngest members whose parents are participating in events at the church, including:

  • Sunday worship services
  • Bible Studies
  • Special services (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc…)
  • Special events (VBS, Conferences, etc…)


  • Love for infants
  • Experience with children
  • Kindness to support new parents
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Training in our child protection policy and protocols


  • That children will feel known and loved by God and by their church family
  • That parents will feel secure and confident that their children are being safely and lovingly cared for
  • That volunteers will feel recognized and appreciated for their contribution in caring for nursery children
  • That paid workers will feel respected and valued for their hard work in caring for nursery children
  • That new mothers find the encouragement and resources to thrive as in motherhood.


  • Manage nursery volunteers and paid workers
    • Recruit via job postings, social media, word of mouth
    • Screen via background checks, interviews, personal references
    • Train via interviews, videos, handouts
    • Express appreciation via texts, emails, cards, parties
  • Communicate with parents
    • Text and email parents about nursery protocols, promotions, and events
    • Call and text parents about active illnesses (or other issues) in nursery rooms
    • Talk directly with parents about specific problems in caring for their children
  • Implement safety and security procedures in the nursery rooms
    • Implement protocols for allergies, illness, emergencies, discipline, etc…
    • Communicate nursery policies to parents, volunteers, and paid workers
    • Ensure that nursery protocols are being implemented correctly in nursery rooms
  • Plan activities and schedules for the nursery rooms
    • Create age-appropriate schedule for each nursery room for all events
    • Prepare Bible stories and related activities for older nursery children for all events
  • Keep nursery rooms well-stocked and clean
    • Ensure that toys and furniture are cleaned after each use and deep cleaned every month
    • Maintain snack, diaper, cleaning, and first aid supplies in each nursery room
    • Wash aprons and blankets used in nursery rooms
    • Repair or replaces broken toys
  • Create and maintain the nursery budget
    • Create and manage yearly budget for nursery ministry
    • Prepare and submits monthly payroll for paid nursery workers
    • Determine pay scale for paid nursery workers
  • Coordinate support ministries for pregnant and new moms
    • Maintain a list of pregnant and new moms
    • Call or text them regularly to offer encouragement and to direct them to other means of physical, emotional, and spiritual support
    • Pray for them alone, with them, and with others
    • Communicate large needs to the pastors, as appropriate