Nursery Coordinator (1)

North Shore Fellowship



Part Time (6-8 hours)



Sunday mornings

Arrive early for a designated Sunday school hour to be ready to greet teachers, helpers, and families.
Check in children using NSF’s database; give children their name tags and parents their “receipts” to pick up their children at the end of class.
Be ready to assist teachers with special requests, even though this rarely happens.
Take children downstairs to the restrooms, as needed. (You will have a volunteer to help you with the above 4 duties.)
Take attendance, to make sure that all children are accounted for.
At the end of the hour, be on the watch to make sure children seem to be going with the correct families. The teachers & helpers are responsible for matching children with parents, looking at their receipts.
Clean up Sunday school rooms, putting things away. You may have to move a few items (chairs, supply carts, rolling white board, etc) so that a couple of multi-function rooms will be ready for Monday morning.

1-2 days during the week

Finish cleaning up & organizing the Sunday school rooms.
Put the completed Sunday’s curriculum away and get the student papers & teacher aids for the next week.
Read the teachers’ manuals for each class and make lists of materials needed for the next week.
Gather all items and supplies and distribute to the classrooms.
You will probably have to do some cutting and/or assembling of student activities, mostly for the younger children.
Make notes for teachers & helpers to help them understand a few details of what you lay out for them.
Prepare snacks and water bottles & cups.

Special events

We love to generously thank the volunteers with just a few meals during the year… breakfast food for them to pick up during Sunday school once each semester, and one appreciation meal at the end of the school year. Laney will do most of the planning, but the assistant needs to be available to help as needed, and attend! It is very encouraging to chat with the volunteers, seeing how God works through individuals & our church family to help our covenant children!


It is good to work a few hours & also volunteer a few more, if you are able.
You can help with planning, preparation, daily activities, and/or cleaning up.
There is usually a family lunch on Friday that requires extra prep, serving, and cleanup, but there are lots of volunteers, and it is such a happy celebration at the end of the week!


Help Laney recruit Sunday school teachers and helper volunteers, mostly by phone.
Help Laney plan how much curriculum to order for the fall quarter. You will also help her do this for winter & spring.
Be ready to assist in any volunteer training meetings, usually just one Saturday morning in August. You won’t have to do much public speaking and will mostly work “behind the scenes.”


Help occasionally with writing thank you notes, especially in May and after VBS.
Laney may need extra assistance every now and then if she is very busy. She will ask ahead of time. These instances are rare.