We are glad that you are thinking about joining NSF.

Here are the steps:

Take the Class

The New Members Class is for anyone wanting to know more about NSF.  There is no obligation to join afterwards. We ask that you sign up for the class, so that we can have the right amount of food and materials available.

Tell Us You Want to Join

If  you decide you want to join, you will turn in an Intent to Join Form. This form is the basic information about you and your family, and previous church involvement. We hand them out at each class, but if you lose yours you can always ask us for another copy.

Talk with an Elder

With the information you have provided on the Intent to Join form, an elder will contact you about an interview for membership.  This interview is informal and mostly focused on faith in Jesus and a desire to be a contributing member of our church.  No quizzes on the catechisms.

Join in a Worship Service

After the interview, we will schedule a service for you to take your vows before the congregation. And, if you have not been baptized, we will discuss doing that at the same service.

The next class will be offered in the Fall. Dates will be posted soon, but if you have interest, you can go ahead and sign up to get information about upcoming classes.

Sign Up Here