What are Community Suppers?

Community Suppers are a great and easy opportunity to meet new people at North Shore Fellowship. We meet for a potluck meal in groups of 6-12 people. Meals are meant to be casual, so the focus remains on building new relationships.

Are these the same thing as “Fellowship Groups”?

No. Community Suppers are one-time meals with the goal of forming new relationships.

Fellowship Groups are regular meetings with the same people, with the goal of experiencing more developed relationships.

Is childcare provided?

Some groups are kid-friendly for all ages. Some are adults only. It is up to each family to provide for their own childcare needs.

Hosts provide a table for 6-12 adults (and/or kids) to share a meal together in your home (or at a restaurant).

Hosts will get an email whenever someone signed up to attend their meal.

The host often prepares the main dish.